Neighborhood History Initiative
April 2021

Country Club of the South and the Jones Family Connection
by Charlie Enscore

Johns Creek Historical Society member, Charlie Enscore, has been researching the history of the Country Club of the South area and its connection to the Jones family and other families of the past that farmed the land currently occupied by her neighborhood. Her article appeared in the CCS homeowners' magazine.

". . . By 1877 Jones owned over half of the lots that would later become Country Club of the South, including Chattahoochee River access and a ferry that crossed to Gwinnett County.. . . Jones Ferry/Bridge Road ran from the point where Jones Bridge Road and Barnwell Road connect today, just outside the neighborhood, and continued diagonally across CCS to the River. This portion of Jones Ferry Road no longer exists; it has been covered over with homes and modern roads . . ."

Neighborhood History Initiative

Help research your neighborhood's history
Interested in finding out who lived and worked on your neighborhood's land? Events that may have happened there? Where earlier roads, structures may have existed, or what the landscape looked like in the past? We've done a lot of research already, but Johns Creek covers a large area. The history of your neighborhood may still be waiting to be discovered.

As Charlie Enscore is doing for the Country Club of the South area, the JC Historical Society is looking for others that are interested in researching their neighborhood's past. We'll help you get started with whatever is already in our archives and show you resources where you can investigate further. In return, your discoveries will be added to the historical society's archives to help build the knowledge base of this area's past. if interested.