Exciting Find - a Geodetic Marker that helps locate the AME Macedonia Church

1973 Warsaw Geodetic Marker
on the Macedonia AME Church property

July 2022: Discovered by visitors to the site, this marker is one of thousands placed across the nation by The National Geodetic Survey.  There is only one on the Macedonia property, but others in Johns Creek.  This marker's purpose had nothing to do with marking the cemetery or church, but would have been placed as part of the national navigation spatial reference system created with all the other markers placed by the National Geodetic Survey – location possibly chosen because it is on the top of a hill.  We're just lucky that in the marker's location description, the distance and direction of the marker is recorded relative to 2 corners of a "cinder block church", so we can exactly locate where the cinder block church stood and with some geometry can accurately calculate the church's width, though not its length. Using historic aerial photos with this new data will allow us to determine the church's length and also to mark the church's exact location as part of future improvements to the site.