Unique Project with JC Arts Center

June 2021: Creating pottery sherds
Clay pots will be turned to replica Native American pottery sherds
Beau Raymond, Clay Studio Manager & Ceramics Instructor at JCAC with clay pots for the historical society

The JC Historical Society is fortunate to have several Native American pottery sherds in its collections. They'll be on display when the society has a place to exhibit artifacts. But they are too old and precious to be shown and handled during our educational programming.

Solution - Ask theJohns Creek Arts Center to help make pottery sherds that could be used for hands-on Native American programs. Executive Director Stephanie Donaldson and Clay Studio Manager Beau Raymond were immediately intrigued and on-board with the idea. Beau recently gave the historical society two clay pots with marking reminiscent of those used by Native Americans.

Next Step - we'll break one pot to create pieces that will be roughed up and "aged" to resemble unearthed sherds found in Georgia. The other pot will be kept intact for now to demonstrate the type of vessels made by Native Americans. All to be used with associated activities and curriculum to help bring history to life in our programming.

Thanks Beau and the Johns Creek Arts Center for partnering on this project!