Joan Compton honored by Johns Creek Lifestyle magazine in their Novermber 2020 issue

Lifestyle magazine has a tradition for their November issue to feature people in the community who make giving a priority. Joan Compton was honored by the magazine for her work with the Johns Creek Historical Society.

This article was published during the COVID-19 pandemic..

Giving back: I co-founded the Johns Creek Historical Society after realizing historic structures and links to early farm families were disappearing - and with them the history of the area. In a diverse city with predominantly residents from other areas of the country and world, I've found that the history of the land where they now live, work, and travel daily can be a unifying and effective to way engage them in the community.

I, and other members of the society, are busy collecting records and stories of the past to create both a physical and digital archive to preserve and share Johns Creek's history. We also have several preservation projects including working with the City of Johns Creek to improve and preserve a small historic abandoned African-American cemetery. Much of my time volunteering is spent researching local history, preparing programming, acquiring donations of historic documents and artifacts, making connections with those that have long roots in the area, and answering requests for genealogy information.

Pivots: Sharing local history is an important part of the mission. Ordinarily, the Johns Creek Historical Society would hold monthly meetings plus present additional history programming throughout the community. While these normal ways to keep members and the community engaged are on hold, we are collaborating with other organizations to present limited-capacity history presentations at unexpected outdoor venues and experimenting with online programming. Research is relying more on online sources and less on in-person visits to genealogy and history archives.

Giving Thanks: This year I've added a new item to my usual list of thanks – for all the technology and online platforms that facilitate coordinating projects with co-workers and provide a way to stay connected with family and friends.

Around my Table: Due to the pandemic, we'll enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving foods, but will most likely be sharing the table virtually with family and friends located in other states.

Joan lives and gives in Johns Creek.
November 2020 Article by Sue G. Collins, Photography by Sunny Bailey. pages 26-27