Degradation of a Bailey Marker at Macedonia Cemetery

photos: Joan Compton

September 2022:

The above left photo was taken November 20, 2020.
The above right photo taken July 23, 2022, 20 months after the one on the left.

These photos show the degradation of Hattie Harris' marker, an example of a particularly special type of marker known as a Bailey marker. In the time between the photos, the first name became unreadable with the loss of the letters 'HAT' and the top of the 'TIE'. Other cracks forewarn of more loss if preservation steps are not taken.

The historical society has taken photos of the grave markers and condition of the site over the past 7 years. Even though the society had 14 markers repaired, the Bailey markers, like that of Hattie Harris, are a special type - not granite or marble, but concrete, hand-made for African-American burials, and considered historic pieces of folk-art. Their repair is awaiting a consultant's report commissioned by the City.

Who was HATTIE HARRIS (c1873-May 6,1965)
Hattie Harris was born Hattie Ousley about 1873. Her parents, Robert and Laura Ousley, both thought to be enslaved as children on a local farm, are also buried at Macedonia Cemetery.
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