Commissioner Hausmann Supports the Historical Society with $2,400

Our thanks to Commissioner Liz Hausmann and Fulton County for their support of the Johns Creek Historical Society Archives.

The Johns Creek Historical Society is very excited to have received $2,400 support from Commissioner Hausmann and Fulton County.  These funds will help with the transition of the Historical Society's archives and collections becoming more accessible with the purchase of a computer, scanner for digitizing documents, and cataloging software.


4. BUILDING our ARCHIVES with Books and MAPS

History Research books

Over 200 research books, plus dozens of magazines and booklets, videos and audio recordings have been collected. Topics include local and Georgia history, the Creek and Cherokee, slavery, farming, and genealogy.

MAPS, MAPS, and more MAPS

Our collection maps is growing! Maps include digital, paper, historic, custom-designed, and one-of-a-kind maps that document the local area and Georgia over 200 years.

Creating a Johns Creek History Archives and Research Library

History Archived in Johns Creek

Help us create a record of the past for future generations.

A goal of the Johns Creek Historical Society is to gather in one place the records and stories of the past to create both a physical and digital archive to preserve Johns Creek's history and make the records available to the public.

We're creating an archives by:

  1. Researching local history
  2. Scanning documents and recording memories
  3. Soliciting donations of historic items and records
  4. Collecting books and maps

1. BUILDING our ARCHIVES with History Research

We been busy gathering existing research and making new discoveries that capture Johns Creek's past. The information and documents are stored in digital or in hardcopy files, and in some cases both.

Research by Family - Folders contain research and genealogy for local Cherokee families, early settlers and farm families, African-Americans, and those buried in local cemeteries.

Research by Topic - Folders contain research on various local topics like Native Americans, roads, ferries, bridges, schools, churches and cemeteries, post offices, land ownership, gold mining, farm life, historic communities, events, etc.

See some of our history research

Interested in helping with research or helping organize history files for easy access? Contact us

2. BUILDING our ARCHIVES by Scanning Documents and Recording Memories
Old Steel McGinnis Ferry bridge

Scanning - We are accepting donations of historic items and records, but understand some may want to keep the originals. In that case, we can make digital copies of your history items either by taking a picture of an item or by scanning documents and photos. The photographed or scanned items will be stored with identifying information in our digital archives, as part of the record of this area's history.

Please contact us at info@johnscreek if you have historic items or documents that you would allow us to scan or photograph for the archives.

Recording Memories - Often it's the personal stories and memories that bring history to life. A goal is to capture the memories of those who remember the Johns Creek area during its rural past or who are descendants of some of the earlier farm families.

Please contact us at if interested in helping with our Oral History project.

3. BUILDING our ARCHIVES with Donations

Our thanks to all who are generously adding to the Society's archives of local history.

Artifacts and records donated to the JC Historical Society include:

  • The Miller Newtown Collection containing documents, tapes, maps, and photos of the early park, renovation of Newtown School, and general Newtown history.
    Donated by Susan and Dan Miller
  • The Bowers Collection containing Native American pottery shards, projectile points, historic maps, McKenney prints of Creek chiefs, and other items.
    Donated by Alison Findlay
  • The Findley Collection containing farm tools, a few photos, and other items from the Findley family that farmed this land for over 100 years..
  • and miscellaneous documents, photos, recordings, and other items from multiple donors.

We are looking for more documents and artifacts to document life in the Johns Creek area during earlier times. See a list of the types of items we are seeking.

If you are interested in making a donation or helping to sort, digitize, and catalog these collections, contact us.