History Research books

Over 180 books on local history, Georgia history, Southern history,Native American and African-American history, plus genealogy textbooks have been collected to eventually be housed in our archives.

Donate Books - Help us add to this collection with history related books (new or used) you would be willing to donate. A research library will become part of our future archives and be a resource accessible to the public.

Donate Maps - We are also building a collection of printed and hand-drawn old maps that show roads, landmarks, towns, land ownership, terrain of this area, nearby counties, Georgia, and the Native American lands.

Just a few of the dozens of maps already collected for the history archives.


Help Our Collection Grow

A goal of the Johns Creek Historical Society is to gather in one place the records and stories of the past to create both a physical and digital archive to preserve Johns Creek's history and make the records available to the public.

We are actively collecting items for a centralized Johns Creek history archives.

If you have artifacts, photos, documents, books, recordings, or stories of life in the Johns Creek or neighboring areas during earlier times, please let us know. If you want to retain your originals, we will make digital copies for the archives.

Our focus is 1800 to 2006 and items that relate to the Johns Creek area, historic communities (Warsaw, Newtown, Ocee, and Shakerag), Old Milton County, Georgia, and southern states.

  • artifacts - household, farm, clothing and personal items
  • artifacts - Native American
  • photos of local stuctures, roads, general landscape, activities, and people
  • documents like letters, deeds, journals, scrapbooks, receipts, military records
  • promotional items of events and businesses
  • school, church, cemetery, and civic club records
  • books, newspapers, magazines
  • maps
  • video and audio tapes of activities, people, locations, oral histories
  • memories and stories

Please contact us at info@johnscreekhistory.org

Examples of artifacts and records donated to the JC Historical Society include: