The cemeteries in the Johns Creek area are just one topic of research and study by Johns Creek Historical Society members, but there is much more history we are collecting for our archives!
Some topics of history research:

  • Farm Families' Genealogy & Stories
  • Historic Crossroads & Communities
  • Ferries and Bridges
  • Roadways
  • Surveys and Maps of all kinds
  • Cherokee Nation
  • African-Americans
  • Land Ownership
  • Churches and Cemeteries
  • Schools
  • Post Offices
  • General Stores, Mills, and other businesses
  • Gold Mines
  • Impacts of wars, disease, weather, and economy

If you are also doing research, would like to get involved in research, or have documents, photos, artifacts, etc. that could help us piece together the history of this area, please contact us.

Most don't realize that there are 13 historic cemeteries and burial sites that have been documented within the current Johns Creek borders. Another 5 historic cemeteries are adjacent to or very near the city's border and are also the final resting place of past residents of the Johns Creek area. Research involves visiting each cemetery, photographing headstones, and researching the stories of the people buried at each site.

Why should we care about cemeteries?

  • Cemeteries are a physical reminder of the past - who lived here and their relationships to each other
  • In some cases, a headstone may be the only record of a person
  • Cemeteries are a catalyst and resource for history research
  • Cemeteries are a green space, oasis, area for contemplation
  • Cemeteries are an attraction for genealogy tourists

Map shows the location of the 13 burial sites within Johns Creek's borders.