The families who lived in the Johns Creek area are just one topic of research and study by Johns Creek Historical Society members, but there is much more history we are collecting for our archives!
Some topics of history research:

  • Farm Families' Genealogy & Stories
  • Historic Crossroads & Communities
  • Ferries and Bridges
  • Roadways
  • Surveys and Maps of all kinds
  • Cherokee Nation
  • African-Americans
  • Land Ownership
  • Churches and Cemeteries
  • Schools
  • Post Offices
  • General Stores, Mills, and other businesses
  • Gold Mines
  • Impacts of wars, disease, weather, and economy

If you are also doing research, would like to get involved in research, or have documents, photos, artifacts, etc. that could help us piece together the history of this area, please contact us.

Do you have old documents, photos, items?

We are actively collecting items plus both physical and digital documents for a centralized Johns Creek history archives. If you have artifacts, photos, documents, books, recordings, or stories of life in the Johns Creek or neighboring areas during earlier times, please contact us at info@johnscreekhistory.org

We are accepting donations of records, but can also make digital copies, if you want to retain your originals.

See more about our planned history archives.



We're researching families who lived in the Johns Creek area during the period of 1820 through the 1950s.This information is important to those looking for clues to their genealogy, but also helps current residents understand who lived on the land where their homes now sit or where they work, go to school, or just travel daily.

Researching Family HistoriesNames of families that lived in and farmed this area may be familiar as road, library, park, and school names or as seen on local cemetery markers.

This is not a complete list, but are some of the residents over a period of about 140 years. Land in the Johns Creek area changed hands and people moved in and out of the area during those years influenced by the removal of the Cherokee, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and industrialization, among other factors.

If you have photos, documents, or stories about these families (and others) or would like to help with research, please contact us at info@johnscreekhistory.org

Just some of the early families we are researching.
Who were they and what were their lives like
? Help us answer these questions and more.
  • Abbott
  • Autrey
  • Barnwell
  • Barnett
  • Bell
  • Brumbelow
  • Collins
  • Douglas
  • Findley
  • Garman
  • Green
  • Graham
  • Hamrick
  • Harris
  • Holcomb/Halcombe
  • Howell
  • Jones
  • Little
  • McClure
  • McGinnis
  • Medlock
  • Mitcham
  • Morton
  • Nesbit
  • Ousley
  • Parsons
  • Rogers
  • Spruill/Spruell
  • Strickland
  • Summerour
  • Taylor
  • Terry
  • Waters
  • Webb
  • Wilson

Much more research to do. There are many, many more names of earlier residents that we have found in various history records like census and tax tables, cemeteries, newspaper articles, books, church and school lists, military documents, and other resources.

Who were these early families and what were their lives like? Help us answer these questions and more.