Local History Reference Books at Spruill Oaks Library

Learn about local history with these books available in the library's reference section - a great resource for any interested in tracing the genealogy of a local family or discovering stories of the land, events, and earlier inhabitants of the Johns Creek area.

Providing several libraries with a research section on local history was an initiative of the Alpharetta & Old Milton Historical Society. The Johns Creek Historical Society is proud to be a partner in this initiative.


We're gathering existing research and making new discoveries that capture Johns Creek's past. The information and documents are stored in digital or in hardcopy files, and in some cases both. The goal is to house all our research in a city archives accessible to the public.

We're researching families - the genealogy of local Cherokee families, early settlers and farm families, African-Americans, and those buried in local cemeteries.

We're also researching topics - like Native Americans, roads, ferries, bridges, schools, churches and cemeteries, post offices, land ownership, gold mining, farm life, historic communities, historic structures, events, etc.

Interested in helping with research or helping organize history files for easy access? Contact us info@johnscreekhistory.org

A Glimpse into Some of our History Research

Researching historic post offices of our area
We're studying online records in the National Archives that document even the small post offices in this rural area with a paper trail that includes lists and dates of postmaster appointments; postal routes with stops identified, distances between stops, and frequency of service; and hand-drawn maps noting neighboring post offices, waterways, and other local landmarks.

These post office documents help to better understand the earlier landscape of this area and the people who lived here.  

Learn more about our research of historic post offices

Researching early farm families of our area
We're using a variety of ways to learn about the past residents in the Johns Creek area during the period of 1820 through the 1960s. This information is important to those looking for clues to their genealogy, but also helps current residents understand who lived on the land where their homes now sit or where they work, go to school, or just travel daily.

Learn more about our research the farm families of this area's past

Researching historic cemeteries of our area

Did you know there were 13 historic cemeteries and family burial sites within Johns Creek that have been recorded? We're researching those plus several cemeteries that are just outside the city's border. These cemeteries are a physical reminder of the past, of who lived here before us.

Learn more about our research of historic cemeteries of our area