Special program held at the William Rogers house

October 23, 2022: Our thanks to the Rogers descendants for allowing us to hold a meeting at the historic 1839 William Rogers house. The October 23rd program included a discussion of the Johns Rogers and Sarah Cordrey Cherokee family, with a focus on their 2nd son William who held leadership positions in the Cherokee Nation and represented the Cherokee in negotiating with the U.S. for Cherokee land rights. We were also fortunate to have a grandson of William Wilson (owner of the house in the 1940s), share memories of visiting the house and farm as a child.

After pointing out features of the historic home and attendees touring the house and grounds, we visited the Rogers-Bell cemetery where Johns Rogers, his wife Sarah, and many of their descendants are buried.

There are very few historic structures left in Johns Creek and the William Rogers "Oakland" home is a treasure, rich in stories of its residents and association with this area's Cherokee past. Our thanks to the Rogers descendants and William Wilson for their part in caring for this important historic home and property so it still stands today.